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The accredited continuing education courses of quality promote excellence and quality as crucial elements for the success of any company, which seek high-standards products and services. These courses explore the principles of leadership, strategic planning, the concerns of customers and markets, information technology, human resources, process management, and business outcomes from an integrated and systemic perspective to achieve continuous improvement.


The accredited continuing education courses of quality are considered a preparatory step for diverse topics such as: maintenance engineering, human-technical balance in the management of engineering projects, the performance of production operations and how they influence the competitiveness of enterprises, the complexity of logistics/technological/ business aspects needed to improve planning, production, and engineering, the role of Robotics and automation, methodology and tools to plan strategic technological developments, manage key competencies, R & D (research and development), and safety and industrial health. All these topics are normally contained in every technological process, production, and/or engineering project.


List of the accredited continuing education courses of quality: